BHA Conference 2011

Just back from the BHA Conference in Manchester, the first in a decade. We had some great speakers including Peter Atkins, Julian Baggini, Natalie Haynes, Stephen Law, Polly Toynbee, Chris French, Richard Norman and Philip Pullman. Pullman, who recieved an award for services to humanism, also gave an particularly facinating and insightful discussion on the meaning of life (complete with some strong opinions on the works of J.R Tolkein and C.S Lewis).

As well as that, the Q&A session with BHA president Polly Toynbee covered a wide range of topics which really highlighted the general humanity and the sheer variety of the BHA. All in all it was a most productive weekend that highlighted the wide breadth of support for the BHA cause.

With Polly

                              You can see further videos of this year’s conference below.

  Introducing the BHA Conference 2011

In conversation with Philip Pullman

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