What does Baroness Warsi mean?

This Valentine’s Day has started badly with a love letter from Baroness Warsi to Christianity and the Pope, both of which she really loves. The Telegraph, Independent and Guardian are all reporting it.

She’s said it all before, of course, but she has chosen a bad day to say it today: the same day that research published by IpsosMori shows that most self-described Christians disagree with her.

She never gives any solid and real examples of what this ‘militant secularisation’ is that she is talking about. She never defines her terms, so we don’t even really know what she means by ‘religion in the public sphere’ and the one time I saw her defending her positions on religion onĀ Newsnight, it became clear that she was actually quite ignorant of the detail of most of the policy areas in which religion intersects with government in practice.

Are there any actual specific policies that she is recommending to support ‘faith’? She has basically made this same speech five or six times now, and written on the same theme in The Telegraph repeatedly, but I still don’t quite know what she actually wants.



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