If the Church thinks introduction of same-sex civil marriage means their disestablishment…

…does that mean it’s okay to go ahead in Northern Ireland and Wales where the Church isn’t established anyway?

…does it mean that removal of the Bishops from the House of Lords (the last thing we were told would mean disestablishment) wouldn’t actually mean disestablishment and we can go ahead with removing them?

…how long after the introduction of equal civil marriage does the Church intend to hand over its schools?

…how long after the¬†introduction of equal civil marriage does the Church intend to remove its state-funded chaplains from prisons, hospitals and the armed forces?

…why don’t they already consider themselves disestablished by virtue of the fact that most marriages already aren’t conducted by them anyway but are civil marriages?

Or is this just is a devious, desperate attempt by shamelessly self-interested moral authoritarians to impose their own limited and unshared view of human relationships on everyone else by threats, scare-mongering and hyperbolic raising of the stakes to distract from the fact that this debate isn’t – or shouldn’t be – about them but about the civil right of two people in love to have their relationship recognised by their friends and family and the law in the country where they live?

You decide!


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