Letters on Gay Marriage and the Church of England

I had two letters on this published today – both short and sweet, I’m sure you’ll agree. One in The Independent:

About 70 per cent of marriages in the UK are civil marriages. Whether or not same-sex marriage is introduced, perhaps the Church of England should consider disestablishing anyway. It’s clearly not as relevant to most people’s relationships as it would like the country to believe.

Andrew Copson

Chief Executive, British Humanist Association, London, WC1

And one in The Guardian:

The Church of England’s suggestion of disestablishment following the introduction of same-sex marriage only serves to make the proposals more attractive. The UK has citizens of a multitude of faiths, and millions who have no┬áreligion. It’s good to hear that the church has realised that its relationship with the state needs to be reviewed.
Andrew Copson
Chief executive, British Humanist Association

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