1. Share something uplifting!
Listening to the news and trawling through social media can be quite overwhelming at the moment. If you come across a positive news story – whether it’s about an act of kindness or human rights progress – share it!


2. Ignore the noise and listen to the experts
Think before you share. If you come across fake health news on social media – for example, claims and conspiracy theories about coronavirus, or claims about ‘dangerous quack cures‘ – you should report it via the social media platform.


3. Learn something new
Take this as an opportunity to learn something new. Look out for the #HumanismAtHome hashtag on our social media. Humanists UK will be sharing new content, as well as hidden gems unearthed from our archives, our public events, and school resources. Stay tuned!


4. Play a part in the national effort
Humanists UK this week launched Humanists UK Community Response, an initiative aiming to involve humanists around the country in the voluntary response to the epidemic. If you have the time and are in good health, consider signing up as an NHS Volunteer Responder, contact a Covid-19 Mutual Aid group near you, or look into giving blood!


5. Keep yourself and others safe!
We are, of course, all doing our bit by staying in our own homes. Follow official Government guidance and practice social distancing – other people’s health, well-being, and lives directly depend on it. Don’t forget to look after your own mental well-being – exercise if you can, try and get as much fresh air as possible, and try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals. Most importantly, do something you enjoy as our patron, Stephen Fry, is!

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