During these uncertain times, sometimes the best thing we can do (other than staying at home of course!), is to try and find positive and uplifting stories that demonstrate the values we as humanists hold dear – kindness, rationality, and tolerance. 

Here are four stories from the week to remind ourselves of the positive progress that’s still being made!

1. Safe, legal abortion is now available in Northern Ireland

After years of tireless campaigning, women in Northern Ireland will finally have the right to exercise autonomy over their bodies by gaining access to safe, legal abortion. A real milestone moment!


2. Humanists began weekly broadcasts on prison radio

In an attempt to raise hope within prisons, which have been forced to restrict daily regimes and family visits, patrons of Humanists UK have begun weekly broadcasts on Prison Radio. This support is being provided on top of the emotional care provided by non-religious pastoral carers who have been able to return to frontline duty in prisons this week!

Here’s a broadcast from Humanists UK patron, writer, and journalist, Christina Patterson:


3. We celebrated 100 years of Welsh disestablishment of the Church of England  

March 31 marked 100 years since the Church of England was disestablished in Wales – a move that led to the redistribution of power and property, and marked the beginning of a more plural, secular, and progressive Wales.


4. Women in England and Wales can now receive abortion care at home 

Women in England and Wales will now be able to take both pills required for an early abortion in their homes – a measure that will allow women to overcome the challenges in accessing care during COVID-19 outbreak restrictions.


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