Nearly a month into lockdown, many of us will be starting to feel the effects. In the midst of uncertainty – and, for some, new-found clarity on what is important to us – one of the best things we can do, is to reflect on the positive stories being shared. Ones that demonstrate the values we as humanists hold dear – kindness, rationality, and tolerance.    

Here are four positive stories from the last week! 

1. The UK got behind the inspirational Captain Tom Moore 

The UK got behind Captain Tom Moore to show their support for his efforts to raise money for charities associated with the NHS. He has raised over £18 million after reaching his goal of walking 100 laps of his garden. 


2. Humanists UK continued its weekly broadcasts on Prison Radio

As part of weekly Humanists UK broadcasts for Prison Radio, patron Alf Dubs shared his personal story recalling what it was like to be a young Jewish child on the Kindertransport from the Czech Republic, fleeing the Nazis. 

These broadcasts are taking place in an attempt to raise hope within prisons, which have been forced to restrict daily regimes and family visits. 


3. Ian Dunt offered some inspiration on practising kindness on social media

Ian Dunt – editor of politics.co.uk and author of the forthcoming ‘How To Be A Liberal’ – offered a few thoughts on how we might all better practice kindness and civility on social media – and the benefits we might reap from this positive message.


4. Key workers and volunteers across the UK continued to do amazing work

All key workers and volunteers across the UK are continuing to do amazing work supporting the national effort during lockdown. 

Humanists UK is proud of the non-religious pastoral carers and humanist funeral celebrants in our network who are on the frontline supporting those dealing with grief, as well as those providing emotional support to prisoners. 

We were delighted to see in a survey this week that one in three of our members and supporters are now volunteering as part of the crisis response. 

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