BBC Radio: Little Book of Humanist Weddings

This weekend, I was on BBC Radio Oxford to talk about humanist weddings, the case for their legal recognition in England and Wales, and of course The Little Book of Humanist Weddings!

When choosing a humanist wedding, couples are opting for a ceremony that’s designed exclusively around them. They work with a celebrant who they know shares their values and will incorporate their worldview, their circumstances as a couple, and their feelings for one another into a ceremony that’s completely unique and personal to them. The ceremony also takes place in a location of significance to that couple, whether that be a wonderful woodland setting or a beautiful beach!

The Little Book of Humanist Weddings helps guide couples still choosing what kind of wedding they will have as well as those who’ve already started working with a humanist celebrant and need a bit of inspiration. The book is informed by the expertise of celebrants, guiding couples to think about the sorts of vows, promises, actions, and readings they may wish to use in their ceremony. It also encourages readers to think beyond their wedding day to themes of love, partnership, affection, and romance. 

You can listen to the full clip here!

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