BBC Sunday Morning Live: Census 2021 & the rapid rise of the non-religious

I was a guest on Sunday Morning Live today to discuss the results of the 2021 Census and the rapid rise of the non-religious.

37% of the population in England and Wales ticked ‘No religion’ in the Census 2021 and last week, Census figures revealed that the non-religious outnumber Christians among all people aged 66 and below an astonishing and huge demographic shift, particularly considering the biased and leading nature of the Census question on religion. 

I was asked ‘Is Britain better off without god?’ This is of course an extreme way of putting the question. As a humanist, it’s simply the case that I believe in freedom of religion or belief, and that everyone should have the freedom to choose, or leave, faith behind.

You can watch the full episode here (not available after 12 months of its air date: 05/02/23).

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