New book: ‘What I Believe’

After the success of The Little Book of Humanism, I’m delighted to be writing another nonfiction book on humanism. What I Believe, an inspiring collection of interviews with over thirty different humanists in the public eye, originally for the Humanists UK podcast of the same name, will be released in November 2024. In the book, I speak to actors, authors, activists, and more to find out what they believe and the values, convictions, and opinions they live by. It includes conversations with Stephen Fry, Sandi Toksvig, and Alice Roberts, among many, many more.

By bringing together voices from various fields—science, literature, politics, and entertainment — What I Believe aims to illuminate the diversity of humanist beliefs and demonstrate how these philosophies can offer guidance and solace amid the complexities of modern life. I hope that readers will find within these pages not just inspiration but also a deeper sense of connection to the shared human experience, and that it will stimulate them to reflect on their own beliefs and the values that guide their lives, as it did for me!’

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