Radio 4: discussing the ‘What I Believe’ book

It was great to be on the Radio 4 Sunday programme at the weekend, talking about humanism and the new What I Believe book, containing interviews with dozens of fascinating humanists about their worldviews, which originally went out as the What I Believe podcast.

The contributors who appear in this volume are all humanists and the vast majority are members of Humanists UK and so of course they have many ideas in common. A desire to know the world and seek out truth; a respect for both human creativity and human reason; a humanitarianism that seeks to reach across all boundaries and borders; an appreciation of human diversity, not just as the necessary consequence of human freedom (another common value), but as something beautiful and fascinating in itself. But the routes by which they arrived at their beliefs are diverse, the worlds in which they practise their professions have shaped their values and beliefs in particular ways, and they do have different priorities from each other. They differed on questions like how to understand the balance of freedom and equality, of reason and emotion, of universal ethics and moral relativism, and of personal responsibility and serendipity in the shaping of our destinies.

Here’s where to listen!

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